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062212 The Art of Trying
0106 The Cost Of Dying - Emotional and Financial
0107 The Boomer - Medicare Overload Crisis
0113 Aging, Intimacy, and Sexual Dysfunction
0114 Obamacare Is Vulnerable To Change
0120 Recognizing Elder Abuse
0121 Why Medicare And Social Security Need To Be Changed
0127 Drug Expiration Dates - Reliable Or Ploy
0128 Repealing Obamacare And Why It Matters
0203 Yoga - A Great Way To Restore Fitness
0204 A New Diagnostic Drug For Alzheimer's Is On The Horizon
0210 Organic Food - Healthy Or Hype
0211 Is Government Healthcare Necessary
0217 Being Uninformed About Social Security Can Cost You Money
0218 The Real Costs Of Alzheimer's Disease
0224 Are High Medical Costs For The Very Ill Elderly Justified
0225 The American Drug Culture, Seniors & Polypharmacy
030212 What You Don't Know About Medicare Can Cause Financial Problems
0304 Strokes They're Not Just Affecting The Elderly Anymore
030912 AARP - Does It Really Support Senior's Interests Or Its Own
0311 The Invisible Senior Epidemic
031612 The Diagnosis Is Cancer - I Don't Know What To Say
0318 Are You Building The Right Kind Of Security
032312 Let's Tell High School And College Kids The Truth About Life
0325 Choosing The Right Nursing Home For Your Loved One
033012 Do I Need A Debt Management Plan
0401 Clearing Up the Confusion Between Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
040612 How To Evaluate If You're A Healthy Weight
0408 What Women Should Know About Retirement
041312 Steps You Can Take To Delay Dementia
0415 Medical Insurance Bankruptcy And A Way To Fix It
042012 Is Rationing Coming Under Obamacare
0422 Disaster In The Blink Of An Eye
042712 What Are Advance Directives And Why Do I Need Them
0429 Living Longer Creates A Whole New Set Of Problems
050412 Understanding The Two Types Of Strokes
0506 Will Your Doctor Be There When You Need Him
0506 Will Your Doctor Be There When You Need Him
051112 Single Baby Boomers May Face Lonely Future
051112 What Is A Do Not Resuscitate Order
0513 Women And Silent Heart Attacks
051812 Here Come The Food Police
0520 Seniors - Depression Facts And Warning Signs
052512 Medicaid Myths
0527 Alzheimer's The Disease Of The Babyboomer Generation
060112 US Govt Panel Says No To PSA Tests
0603 Did The Recession Of 2008-09 Ruin Your Retirement
0610 Death & Grieving - We All Deal With It Differently
0617 Seniors And Depression - Facts & Warning Signs
0617 Seniors And Depression - Facts & Warning Signs
0624 Aging Well And Avoiding Injuries As We Age
0701 Don't Gamble With Your Retirement
0708 Diagnosis Is Cancer - I Don't Know What To Say
0715 Using Technology To Assist Seniors Aging In Place
0722 In Tough Times, Don't Raise Your Personal Debt Ceiling
0729 New Clues To Early Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease
0805 I'm Old - I Don't Want This Anymore
0812 Can Drinking Alcohol Benefit The Elderly
0819 You Can Improve Your Memory At Any Age
0826 Are You Paying Too Much For Your Medicare Drug Plan
0902 Forecasting The Future As Overweight
0903 What's Wrong With This Picture
0909 Dying And Death Come Close To Home
0910 Is Tough Love The Way To Fix America's Problems
0916 Retirement Planning Questions
0917 Obama Fear Mongering And Lies About Social Security
0923 Surviving Stress In America
0924 Obama's New World Order and His Progressive Ideas About Slavery
0930 Bittersweet Changes In Our Lives
1007 Is Long Term Care Insurance More Cost Effective Than Doing It Yourself
1014 Autumn Means Changes To More Than The Leaves
1015 Changes To Medicare For 2011 - It's Time To Decide And Enroll
1021 Would Death Panels Be Better Than Surgery
1022 Answers To Questions About Obama Care
1028 Hospice And The End Of Life
1029 Why Should I Vote - It Doesn't Matter
1104 The Many Unique Services Offered By Hospice
1105 Seniors Will Feel The Pain If Bush Tax Cuts Expire
1111 Dying And Death Isn't Easy For Families Or Doctors
1112 Financial Mismanagement - A Warning Of Alzheimer's
1118 AARP - Does It Really Support Senior Interests
1119 Is Social Security Really In Trouble
1125 Gingrich And His Personal War On Alzheimer's Disease
1126 We Still Have Plenty To Be Thankful For In America
1202 Mom's Been In A Car Accident - Now What
1203 The Sacred Cows Are On The Chopping Block
1209 Dumbing Down Our Kids - What They Won't Learn In School
1210 Living Longer Creates A Whole New Set Of Problems
1216 The Bad News About Finding Doctors As We Age
1217 The Debt Commission Fear Mongering And Economic Collapse
1223 Being A Male Can Place You On The Endangered Species List
1224 Another Small Miracle Of Ancient Times Lives On In Modern Society
1230 Reflections On An Amazing Year Gone By
1231 You Don't Need A Crystal Ball To See America's Future
100110 How Intrusive Is Obama Care
100810 Obamacare Has Begun And It's Devastating Us

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