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Welcome to Senior LifeStyles, a website designed to address the health, wealth and lifestyle issues concerning today's boomers and seniors with your host, Ron Kauffman. Ron and his wife, Lisa are experienced consultants, and experts on issues of aging and geriatric care management.

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Here's this week's Podcast Topic:

One of the things I've noticed as I've gotten older is that my sleep pattern is much more easily interrupted, and a full night's sleep is becoming a thing of the past.

To help us feel drowsy at night, many of us turn to books, or more likely these days our e-readers iPads and notebooks to disengage our minds and a really good way to relax and allow your body and brain to get ready for a good night’s sleep. Or is it?

Join me for my podcast, "Technology Has Its Downsides" to hear about the interactions between our e-readers and our sleep patterns.

The question is, since we tend to live in a sleep-restricted society, do the e-readers and other forms of new technology we’re introducing into our lives perhaps have longer term health consequences than we previously considered?

"Technology Has Its Downsides"
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