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Welcome to Senior LifeStyles, a website designed to address the health, wealth and lifestyle issues concerning today's boomers and seniors with your host, Ron Kauffman. Ron and his wife, Lisa are experienced consultants, and experts on issues of aging and geriatric care management.

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Here's this week's Podcast Topic:

What would you say to a doctor who after examining you told you that your BMI is high, and medically you are overweight, but that's a good thing?

Even though that's better than hearing that you have to lose weight for your health, I'm pretty sure you might be at least a little bit skeptical.

Some researchers have recently found and reported a correlation with being overweight or possibly obese and the fact that some of their subjects may actually be better protected against death from cardiovascular events because of their higher BMI scores.

Join me for my podcast, "Good News for the Overweight?" It's an interesting talk about what doctors have found, and the results while not a license to overeat or give up exercise, may hold a bit of good news for those fighting the battle of the bulge by answering the question, "Is it possible that being overweight or obese is actually beneficial to our health?"

I still encourage everyone to begin and maintain an exercise program. You'll look better, feel better, and in the long run, you're more likely to live a healthier life without the worry of the many problems that often accompany the challenges of being overweight.

"Good News for the Overweight?"
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