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Welcome to Senior LifeStyles, a website designed to address the health, wealth and lifestyle issues concerning today's boomers and seniors with your host, Ron Kauffman. Ron and his wife, Lisa are experienced consultants, and experts on issues of aging and geriatric care management.

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Here's this week's Podcast Topic:

Recently, I noticed that I was asking people to repeat things, particularly when I was on the phone, and I found myself using the speaker on my office phone most of the time. My first reaction to this epiphany was to try to picture myself wearing hearing aids, and I sure didn't like that image. That was vanity rearing its head, but fortunately my own common sense prevailed.

I scheduled a hearing test knowing what the results were going to be, and have accepted, with some kicking and fighting, the fact that if I want to hear virtually everything said to me, I am going to need the help that hearing aids provide me.

I share this personal detail with you because there are now studies showing that people with hearing loss are more likely to develop cognitive decline and dementia than their peers with normal hearing.

Join me for my podcast, "Can You Hear Me Now?" to learn more about the research and the reasons why it's important that you continue assisting your body to hear and what can happen if you choose to ignore hearing loss.

For those who allow vanity to prevail, know this: It is far more likely that people will notice that you cannot hear them, are constantly misunderstanding them or asking them to repeat themselves than they are to notice or care about whether or not you wear hearing aids!

"Can You Hear Me Now?"
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